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Three good reasons for choosing Canvas Planner

Visual and simple

The visual canvas simplifies collaboration for teams and across organizations. When everyone has a clear overview, you reduce the need for as many meetings and e-mails.

Work efficiently

Take advantage of the combination of task management and a visual overview to ensure that your team works efficiently and utilizes resources and skills optimally.

Prevent burnouts

The visual canvas helps you to keep a constant overview of your activities. Data shows that this helps reduce stress in the workplace. For you and for your team.

Visualization of your work is central to Canvas Planner and increases efficiency

The human brain decodes visual inputs 60,000 times faster than text. With Canvas Planner you become able to exploit this fact. Incorporating a visual approach to task management and collaboration optimizes your own and your employees’ effectiveness.

Below you can see examples of how you can use Canvas Planner.

Morten Lennert, Group IT Director at Tajco Group A/S

“Canvas Planner is a cloud-based solution that does not need to be downloaded and integrated into existing systems.

Any documents and personal information remain in our own system, so in terms of IT security, we have no issues with our employees using the program for their tasks, projects and meetings.”

Dive into more benefits with Canvas Planner

Not convinced yet? We have listed more benefits to to help convince you to include Canvas Planner in your team’s daily work.

For teams and individuals

Keep all your work private or share workspaces with others. It is 100% up to you.

Everything in one place

Collect everything on your canvas so you keep your thoughts and ideas in one location.

Visualize your tasks

Design your own unique workspace and share the tasks with others – easy and simple.

Files and integration

Anchor all your files through tasks.
Link files across all your platforms so everything is gathered in one place.

Control the information level

Choose to what extent you want to be informed about projects and tasks in your team. You decide how much you want to know.

Communicate on the spot

Share ideas and send feedback directly via the canvas. Experience no limitations when communicating with coworkers.

Thomas Munksgaard

Experto Productivo

Se trata de hacer la cooperación menos compleja, lo que implica mayor rentabilidad, foco y mejora nuestra visión general. Aquí, la pizarra visual combinada con la lista de tareas es una solución increíble“.

How can you use Canvas Planner in your work?

Canvas Planner can be used by managers, board members, coordinators, consultants, etc. Below, you can click on the area that fits your expertise and interests best and learn more about how you can effectively use Canvas Planner to optimize your work day.





How to get started

It’s very simple to start using Canvas Planner. Create a profile, access Canvas Planner and you can start visualizing your work.

Get started by creating a workspace and frameworks within the workspace. You can now organize you work in the categories of your choice.

Contact us via our chat feature at any time. We also have a wide range of video guides that you can be inspired by.

Produkt visning af workspace
produkt visning af canvas

One of the benefits of Canvas Planner: Task management

You can insert tasks and place them in different categories. Once you’ve placed a task on your canvas, you can name it.

If you want to change the task status (red, yellow, green), you can easily do that by clicking on the coloured icon.

Open the task bar by double-clicking on the task. Here you can insert notes, checklists, deadlines, budgets and much more. You can also delegate the task to others in your team.

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